15 Travel Apps You Need

Travel apps have been booming over the past few years and no wonder. UNTWO (World Tourism Organization) forecasts a growth in international tourist arrivals of between 4% and 4,5% in 2014. Whether for business or pleasure, traveling is truly enriching experience and the era of technology and smartphones we live in can contribute to enhancing the positive experience, keep memories, reduce stressful situations and maybe even save our lives.

Here is our list:


  1. Google Maps

Yes, no need to get lost, even is getting lost can be fun sometimes. Having an app to show you the way though is good plan B (or A for the less adventurous). It is now available offline so no worries in case you lost reception.

For iPhone, Android and Windows Phone


  1. Skyscanner

Planning your flights? Last minute change in the travel plans? Use Skyscanner to find the best flight. You can filter by airline, number of layovers, flying times and price.

For iPhone, Android and Windows Phone


  1. Airbnb

If you don´t know where to stay and you are tired of hotels, Airbnb offers the experience of staying in a local home. You can choose whether to rent a room and have a local host you and help with your sightseeing plans or rent a whole flat.

For iPhone and Android


  1. GroundLink

In case you need a car to pick you up at the airport or an alternative to taxi in a city, try GroundLink. It is available in 110 countries.

Para iPhone and Android


  1. FourSquare

If you are looking for a coffee place with wi-fi, a nice local restaurant or a great cocktail bar on a rooftop, try looking with FourSquare, you can see photos, reviews and choose according to your location.

For iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone


  1. EatWith

If you are traveling by yourself and don´t feel like dining on your own, try EatWith, the social network that brings people together to dine in private homes. Great way to experience authentic local cuisine and meet new people.

Mobile version


  1. Xe Currency

In some countries you have the feeling you are playing with Monopoly money. Use the app to keep track on what you are spending.

For iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone


  1. Waze

If you are renting a car, an even better option than the GPS that may be or may be not available is using Waze. It gives you the best route according to local traffic and weather conditions.

For iPhone, Android and Windows Phone


  1. Alpify

If you are skiing don´t forget to install Alpify. It allows the user to send the exact position to rescue teams in the case of an emergency. It has saved a few lives since its launch.

For iPhone, Android and Blackberry


10. Google Translate

Pretty ueful when nobody around speaks any language you understand. You can download offline language packages so that you can use the Translate app when you’re offline.

For iPhone, Android and Windows Phone


11. Evernote

Yup, amongst all the possibilities the app offers, it is a great one to plan your trip by making notebooks with places to visit per city, create a checklist when you are packing and add notes on the sights.

For iPhone and Android


12. HopStop

Whether you need to take a bus, metro or tram, this public transportation app has you covered for over 70 of the world´s biggest cities.

For iPhone and mobile version


13. ATM Hunter

No cash left and no clue where is the closest ATM? Use the ATM Hunter app to locate it. Once you choose the most convenient for you, the app offers you the best route to reach it from your current location.

For iPhone and Android


14. Onavo

Onavo compresses mobile data while you are traveling so you can make the most out of your mobile roaming data plan.

For iPhone and Android


15. SimGo Mobile

This app allows to forget about mobile roaming, especially when you are an European traveling outside the EU. It has to be used with a special phone case though so check out our separate post on how to use it.

For iPhone and Android



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