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Interview with Manuel Vidal-Quadras: “I think drunk tourism is not what Barcelona is looking for”

Today we interview Manuel Vidal-Quadras, real estate and restaurant entrepreneur. After spending a few years in financial consulting for IT startup acquisition he decides to ride the tourist growth wave in Barcelona in order to give the travelers lodging and gastronomical solutions. He now owns 1840 Apartments and Manolete&Friends. Continue reading Interview with Manuel Vidal-Quadras: “I think drunk tourism is not what Barcelona is looking for”

What is BYOD and what are the benefits for your business?

BYOD or Bring Your Own Device is a policy that allows employees to bring personal mobile devices to their workspace and to use them to access company information and applications. Nearly 75% of employees in high growth markets such as Russia or Brazil already use their personal phones for work. Surveys have also proven that a potential employee perceives a company with a BYOD policy in a more positive way than one who doesn´t practice it as it shows certain flexibility and modern thinking.

What are the benefits of BYOD?


Cost reduction

No need to buy phones for your employees and no need to spend staff time on managing company owned devices


Employee happiness

Employees can use their own device that they are familiar with and don´t need to carry two phones.


Increased productivity

Brian Jensen from Dell says “By becoming BYOD “compliant” I guess you could say. BYOD could increase productivity by 240 hours per year…who can pass that up??”

What are the concerns of using BYOD?



Of course, concerns on security are always raised as most companies deal with confidential information.

 Solution: There is a number of possible solutions being the most popular one using Mobile Application Management (MAM) tools.


Billing: Another concern is who is paying the bill? And how do you know which calls were personal and which for business?

 Solution: This is why we created a custom solution that allows companies to pay just for the professional phone calls of the employees without the need for complex systems. And the best part is that saves you up to 80% on phone bills. You can learn more from our BYOD microsite.