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Free Wi-Fi in Madrid – Top 10

Madrid is a capital with history and a special charm. Whether you are visiting as a tourist or for business, you can enjoy a great gastronomy, cultural events, some of the best museums in Europe and many streets to get lost in. It is not that difficult to find free wi-fi in Madrid but we have worked on a list of places that will let you have a unique experience in addition to the Internet usage.

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Free Wi-Fi in Copenhagen – Top 10

Copenhagen is a beautiful city with a lot of personality. It is clean and cozy, people are kind and friendly and there are so many hangout places to go for a bite, drink, to read a book or to take the laptop for work. Oh, and they all have great interior design, not that it is something to surprise us. This is our list of bars and cafés with free Wi-Fi in Copenhagen.  Continue reading Free Wi-Fi in Copenhagen – Top 10

Free Wi-Fi in Rome – Top 10

Rome is the Eternal City that encompasses three thousand years of history and was the heart of one on the most important ancient civilizations. Museums, bridges, small streets, incredible sunsets… Without a doubt, one of the must visit European capitals. And let´s not forget that wherever we go, the smartphone is with us to share these pizza photos with the family so check out our Top 10 places with free wi-fi in Rome.   Continue reading Free Wi-Fi in Rome – Top 10

Free Wi-Fi in Athens – Top 10

For Greeks coffee is not only a single dose of caffeine. Whether you walk on the street, hang out by the park or even from the top of the Acropolis you will be able to spot all the Greeks hanging out after work on their favorite coffee shop. It is in their culture, thus not only the atmosphere is good but the coffee is even better. So find out where these places are in our guide to free Wi-Fi in Athens.

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Free wifi spots: My top 10 in Barcelona

Upon arriving to Barcelona, you get that feeling that this is what a developed city must look like. All the streets are clean, almost everyone recycles, and the best part of all: there is free wifi in so many bars and restaurants. Indeed, the city of Barcelona provides us with free Internet public spots, but this is only if there is ever need to check an email, message a friend, or anything that doesn’t require much data. Apart from those hotspots I will share this list as my top 10 favorite free wifi Barcelona spots to sit and enjoy:

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