Employment opportunities

We collaborate with BRaval on increasing future employment opportunities

Braval is part of the multiple solidary initiatives in the Barcelona Raval area aimed at increasing school and university success rate and consequent employment opportunities. Raval is a multicultural area in the centre of Barcelona with a high rate of crime. Teenagers are a risk group in the local community and we wanted to contribute by a special collaboration.  Given the high unemployment rate in the country reaching 50% for people under 25, we decided to give someone the chance of starting to build professional skills even before finishing high school.

Last week we received a very special intern at our offices. Darren is in high school and  is passionate about computers and basketball. His duties in the Call2W headquarters are to help with the development of a qualified database as well as permorning some administrative tasks that will help him have a first contact with a real work environment.

Employment opportunities

In order to access the Young Talent programme applicants must be residents of Raval, be aged 16 or more and have participated in the service learning summer programme organized by Braval. In fact, candidates spend a minimum of 2 weeks (40 hour/week) giving logistic and technical support to volunteers in charge of Braval’s urban summer camp. Through service learning, Braval ensures that applicants reinforce their sense of responsibility that is basic in the job market.

You can also help to amplify this initiative by simply recommending Call2W on social media. For every post on Twitter/Google+ or Facebook with a mention of Call2W and the hashtag #braval we will donate 0.05 EUR to BRaval. Spread the word!

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