Free Wi-Fi in Copenhagen – Top 10

Copenhagen is a beautiful city with a lot of personality. It is clean and cozy, people are kind and friendly and there are so many hangout places to go for a bite, drink, to read a book or to take the laptop for work. Oh, and they all have great interior design, not that it is something to surprise us. This is our list of bars and cafés with free Wi-Fi in Copenhagen. 

  1. Café Retro

Café Retro free Wi-Fi in CopenhagenThere is one word in Danish which cannot be directly translated into another language “hygge”. This word amongst many things means “coziness, relaxing with loved ones, enjoying the atmosphere and food with the people surrounding you”, This café will make you experience this word. There is also student discount, and if you are not a student this also is the best place to bring your work and read.


2. Paludan Bogcafe

Paludan Bogcafé free Wi-Fi in CopenhagenThis café has a different touch to all the other ones in the city. You will feel like in a library where you can talk out loud, but at the same time you will be mesmerized by the architecture and design. Most probably, you will think the place is packed from outside, given that many people attend this establishment, but you will definitely find a spot to sit. The coffee is their specialty, but their food is just as good.

3. Republikken

republikken free Wi-Fi in Copenhagen Open tap Coffee concept! Do you know what that is? If you don’t there will be no spoiler, go check for yourself! This place is perfect for you to focus and get your work done. There is also a working pass, which you can purchase, and it gives you unlimited coffee whenever you want to sit and relax.

4. Café Bevar’s

bevars free Wi-Fi in Copenhagen

During the day you drink your coffee, while at night you enjoy the live music that they have prepared for you! Meanwhile you can also drink your favorite cocktail or beer while you are chilling with friends or even the friendly staff that is there!

5. Ricco’s Kaffebar

Riccos Kaffebar free Wi-Fi in Copenhagen

If you are a fan of your lunch being a sandwich and coffee then this is the place for you. Their bread is fresh, thus their sandwiches are irresistible. The atmosphere is cozy, because you can see people going there to take a break from their job.

6. Dyrehaven 

cafe-dyrehaven-free Wi-Fi in CopenhagenBreakfast or lunch? Well they serve both. Their specialty is eggs benedict, roast beef, goat cheese salad, etc. Their dishes are simple but highly tasty. It’s a typical Danish local place, so go experience some of it yourself!


7. Lyst

lyst free Wi-Fi in Copenhagen This is a total hang out place, if you want to come with your friends you can sit and talk or meet new people around there. The staff is very friendly, it makes you feel at home.

8. Props Coffee Shop

Props Coffee Shop free Wi-Fi in Copenhagen Located on the pedestrian street Blågårdsgade, you will see many coffee shops around this area, but this one is different.  The decoration is full of wooden furniture, antique styles, and dim lights. The experience you will get is very calming and relaxing if you are sitting and enjoying the art they have put up there for you. There is board games as well, so depending on your mood you can chose what to do here.

9. Tjili Pop

Tjili Pop free Wi-Fi in Copenhagen This place is different from all the other places most of us are used to going to. It is full of life, hipster, colourful, definitely the definition of a good atmosphere. The food is extremely good, the daily juices they create, and their coffee. It is like you are trapped in another world when you go inside this place and you never want to go out of it.

10. Café Plenum

Café Plenum free Wi-Fi in Copenhagen High popularity in town, most Danish people know it. This is a good place to hang out with colleagues and friends to catch up. They have a variety of food, but their hamburgers are their specialty, and you will not be able to find them outside this local.

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