Free wi-fi in Rome

Free Wi-Fi in Rome – Top 10

Rome is the Eternal City that encompasses three thousand years of history and was the heart of one on the most important ancient civilizations. Museums, bridges, small streets, incredible sunsets… Without a doubt, one of the must visit European capitals. And let´s not forget that wherever we go, the smartphone is with us to share these pizza photos with the family so check out our Top 10 places with free wi-fi in Rome.  

  1. Antico Caffè Greco

Antico Caffe Greco Free wi-fi in Rome


If you are in Rome just say you want to go to Caffè Greco, everyone knows it. It is the oldest coffee shop there, it opened in 1760. It is called that way because a Greek opened this establishment. In this café be sure you will see writers, politicians, artists, etc. doing their own thing, so if you want to join that experience be sure to go as soon as you arrive to Rome.

2. Tazza D’oro

Tazza D'oro Free wi-fi in Rome

The coffee is absolutely delicious, and as if that wasn’t all they make patters with the foam of it giving it a special exclusive touch. The ambiance is cozy, so you get really comfortable as soon as you step foot in the place. Enjoy having lunch there as well, everything they serve is fresh and delightful.

3. Cristalli di Zucchero

Cristali di Zucchero Free wi-fi in Rome

Desserts is their first name and quality their last. You can tell how much effort is put into each pastry they have there. The product is their main concern, so the costumer knows what they’re eating. You will not be disappointed! Take advantage of the free wi-fi and Instagram some desserts 😉

4. Sant Eustachio il Caffe

Sant Eustachio il Caffe wifi gratis en Roma

Best coffee in town, they have outdoor doors so you can see how the people of Rome pass by doing their everyday lives. It is a landmark to go see this café, the food is delicious too and they have desert if you want to finish strong!

  1. Il Gelato di San Crispino

Il Gelatto de San Crispino Free wi-fi in Rome

The name says it all, the ice-cream of San Crispino. Italy is known for their gelatos, but San Crispino even more. You can ask the staff to recommend you which one is the best flavor, or even try something new that you could not find in another city or even outside this establishment.

6. Caffè della Pace

Caffe de la Pace Free wi-fi in Rome

Located in plaza Navaona, there is always something to go see here, there is a very good ambiance. There are different “day” coffees, because they want to promote coffees from around the world. So depending on the day ask for what specialty they have that day, and make sure to give it a try. They also offer cocktail drinks and wine.

7. Ai Tre Scalini

Ai Tre Scalini Free wi-fi in Rome

Restaurant and Gelaterie! It is not just a bar nor just a cafe, it is much more than that. The food is amazingly well cooked, the staff is very friendly, and if you want to continue the party, at night it becomes a very busy bar.

8. Porto Fluviale

Porto Fluviale Free wi-fi in Rome

Located in a street with the same name, the bar restaurant Porto Fluviale is a space that mixes gastronomy and cocktails and attracts a very diverse clientele. It is very big so do not be worried about finding a table. Don´t miss their brunch and try the amazing pizzas!

9. Casina dei Tre Laghi

Casina 3 Laghi Free wi-fi in Rome

First class ice-cream! And the place is really nice and cozy with views to the Eur lake. The desserts, the atmosphere, the service are all top. Ice-cream in one hand and smartphone in the other in the free wi-fi zone.

10. Dagnino 

Dagnino Wifi Free wi-fi in Rome

Best Sicilian bakery in Rome! Who wouldn’t want to check that out! The view is good, and the location is very centric! Go and rate for yourself how much you like this place.






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