Free Wi-Fi in Paris – Top 10

Paris is the city of love, art, bon vivant… Who wouldn’t like to share some Eiffel Tower photos on social media? The free wifi spots in Paris are many but we feel special devotion for these 10 after a lot of research, accompanied by quite a few croissants and coffees. This is our list.   

1. Terrasse des archives

La Terrasse de les Archives free wi-fi in Paris

It is perfect for a small bite. They have a lot of dishes and great service. It is located in the heart of the Marais area, a neighbourhoof for locals. So you can sit here and enjoy the lovely view and nicely dressed people, while you roam the Internet.

 2.  Le Buci

Le Buci free wi-fi in Paris

Do you want to feel like a local while having a beer on a terrace? Try Le Buci, a lovely bar with a bistrot feel and great service.

 3.  Chez Félicie

Chez Felicie free wi-fi in Paris

Good food, good people and good wi-fi (or “le wiffii” as the French say). If you are walking around the area, come by, have a bite and enjoy good company.

4. Le Sancerre

Le Sancerre free wi-fi in Paris

Great atmosphere and great location! The photo says it all. And they say love at first sight does exist in Paris…

5. Kooka Boora

Kooka Boora free wi-fi in Paris

It is a place for locals. You can grab a coffee and check your e-mail. Wi-fi is included in the bill.

6. Mama Shelter

Mama Shelter free wi-fi in Paris

Located in a brand new hipster area of Paris,  Mama Shelter is a whole new concept mixing a hotel with gastronomy and lifestyle concepts. The bar attracts the young and beautiful crowd. You should try the food too. It’s delicious!

7. Anticafe Beaubourg

Anticafé Beaubourg free wi-fi in Paris

So here is the centrally located place, where you can work for low price drinks with an extra touch of wifi included. It has a high speed internet, and the people encourage you to stay for as long as you can/want.

8.  Le Coutume Café

Le Coutume Café free wi-fi in Paris

This is one of the most famous cafes in paris, so if you are going to be around I suggest you check it out for yourself. The coffee is spectacular, they have a high variety of dishes for breakfast. As soon as you wake up this can be the first thing in your to-do list.

9. Café Loustic

Café Loustic free wi-fi in Paris

Do you want an espresso? A typical French breakfast? Both? Enjoy the homey café where they provide you with wifi. Imagine feeling at home but having the best coffee you can while at it.

10. Les Fines Gueules 

Les Fines Gueules free wi-fi in Paris

If you want to try authentic French cuisine and amazing wines while proudly sharing Instagram photos on the free wi-fi, then this is your place!

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