Tony Anagor: "I would like to see international roaming costs disappear"

Interview with Tony Anagor: “I would like to see international roaming charges disappear”

Tony Anagor: "I would like to see international roaming charges disappear"

Today we interviewed Tony Anagor, born and raised in the UK and now resident in Barcelona after moving to Spain in 2001. In 2003 he founded Lifestyle Barcelona, a company that produces fun experiences for holiday makers in Spain, and simultaneously LifestyleDMC, that organizes corporate teambuilding events. His clients include Coca-Cola, IBM or Nike, just to name a few. 

Call2W: Hi Mr. Anagor, you have over 10 years experience in teambuilding and creating incentive events in Barcelona, what triggered you to start your company?

Tony Anagor: I have always had an interest in the area of team dynamics, motivation factors and intercommunication skills, I have also always loved hotels, airports and travel, so looking back it seems no accident that today I find myself working in an industry which encompasses all of these lifelong passions. Barcelona was the perfect city to set up the company because of its creative, inspirational vibe and optimum infrastructure for corporate travel.

Call2W: The event industry in Barcelona is rapidly growing to catch up with the increase in tourism. Do you consider this beneficial for the city?

Tony Anagor: The corporate event industry has always been extremely robust for so many reasons including hotel variety and availability, climate, flight accessibility and the general culture of the city. I think that the city can continue to sustain its tourism quotient, and as long as careful attention is paid to making sure that the desires of the tourism market do not displace those of the locals, the city will continue to benefit.

We at LifestyleDMC are always keen to hold events in areas that are outside of the typical tourist network of venues and activities. We enjoy working with local partners who share our passion for the city and the industry and these partnership benefit everyone!

Call2W: How did you learn about Call2World?

Tony Anagor: The CEO is a very dear friend of mine and when he launched his new venture I was keen to see how this new technology was going to help our business.

Call2W: What do you think makes it different from other alternatives on the market?

Tony Anagor: The three things that I noticed that were:

  1. The set up was so easy; Within 48 hrs of agreeing terms we were actually using the service
  1. The backup service with call2world; The customer service is top class, I know Manuel Garriga is very dedicated to customer service and this dedication is translated through his company and employees.
  1. Ease of use; I have found the telecommunications industry to be quite complicated and many things are shrouded in mystery depending on the tariffs available and numbers being dialled etc. Call2world came along and simplified everything! One number one tariff and that tariff is always the best price.

Call2W: Do you have a rough idea on the percentage of telecommunications related costs associated to your business as part of the total expenses?

Tony Anagor: It used to be about 10%, with call2world its now less than 5%

Call2W: You have previously said that you are passionate on growing and engaging with your clients and co-workers, what do you think of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy?Have you or your clients implemented it?

Tony Anagor: We are currently studying this new application to investigate its efficacy for our clients and partners. The early results look positive.

Call2W: Finally, what are the top trends you would like to see happening within the telecommunication industry?

Tony Anagor: I would like to see international roaming charges disappear and more transparency amongst the big phone companies.


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