Iñigo Cavero

Interview with Iñigo Diego Cavero: “The combination of voice, text and image in the same app with evolve a lot”

Today we interview Iñigo Diego Cavero who decided to launch an e-shop for tyres called i-neumaticos.es after 10 years of experience in the sector. Iñigo shares his experience as an entrepreneur and his ideas on how the telecommunications sector should evolve. 

Call2W: Hi Iñigo, as a professional who started a business with previous experience in sales, how has your industry changed?

Iñigo Cavero: El sector del neumático ha sufrido una desaceleración importante tanto en unidades como en volumen. Nuestra propuesta de valor con una venta a través de internet como el servicio a domicilio nos ha permitido crecer y ser líderes en venta de neumáticos


Call2W: How many operating units does your business have?

Iñigo Cavero: Actualmente tenemos 18 unidades móviles repartidas por toda España, y acabamos de comenzar operaciones en Sao Paulo, Brasil.


Call2W: Has the economical situation in Spain affected you? What solutions have you found?

Iñigo Cavero:  The decrease in consumption has affected greatly the industry but in our case allowed us to grow by offering very competitive and transparent prices and high quality service.


Call2W: How do you think you can benefit from a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy and why would you implement it (or not) in your business?

Iñigo Cavero: It is a way to avoid carrying several devices and it is convenient for both the employee and the company. Differentiating the personal and the professional areas of course.


Call2W: How did you learn about Call2World?

Iñigo Cavero: I saw some advertisements in press and had the chance to get to know the company first hand by the founder.


Call2W: ¿Which are the three most important apps you use for business? 

Iñigo Cavero: Evernote, whatsapp and email


Call2W: Finally, what would you like to see change in the area of telecommunications? 

Iñigo Cavero:  Increase the ease of communication on a global level by offering competitive pricing and high quality of service. The combination of voice, text and image in one app I think will evolve a lot.

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