Innovative startups allow us to have an easier life

Interview with Didac Lee: “Innovative startups allow us to have an easier life”

Innovative startups allow us to have an easier lifeToday we interview Didac Lee, serial enterpreneur, a reference in the Spanish startup sector, member of the board of FC Barcelona in charge of New Technology and extreme sports lover. When he is not in meetings or video conferences, you can find him on a squad, motorbike or scuba diving.

Call2W: Hi Dídac, you have been building businesses the greatest part of your life. How would you describe your evolution as an entrepreneur?
Dídac Lee: I believe I have the same excitement and spirit as 19 years ago but I have evolved my way of analyzing opportunities and taking decisions. I guess that experience and mistakes help you mature. Entrepreneurship is learnt the hard way!

Call2W: Being someone with vast knowledge of technology, what do you consider the three top benefits of the boom of startups within the software industry?

Dídac Lee: Innovative startups allow us to have an easier life and help companies reduce costs through out-of-the-box solutions.

Call2W: How did you learn about Call2World?

Dídac Lee: Manolo Garriga, the fonder and CEO of the company, is a person I have great personal affection and professional admiration for. During a lunch he told me about the company and I thought the idea made much sense.

Call2W: What do you think makes it different from other alternatives on the market?

Dídac Lee: In my opinion, Call2World solves in the most elegant and efficient way the roaming cost issue and compared to other alternatives I have tried,  the quality of the connection is much higher. This to me is very important from a professional perspective.

Call2W: Do you have a rough idea on the percentage of telecommunications related costs associated to your businesses as part of the total expenses?

Dídac Lee: It is different depending on the business but with Call2World I have reduced my international call costs by 70%!

Call2W: What is your opinion on the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy? Have you implemented it?

Dídac Lee: Yes, I do believe that corporate policies have to adapt to common sense and common sense indicates that people like to work with their personal devices.

Call2W: Finally, what are the top trends you see within the telecommunication industry?

Dídac Lee: I am not an expert in the sector but I think one of the trends would be solutions focused on optimizing distributed meetings and thus, reducing the number of meetings.


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