Costes de Roaming

How to reduce your roaming bill?

We are sure most of you have experienced the unpleasant surprise of receiving a shocking roaming bill after a trip abroad. Like 150 USD for switching on data roaming for 10min just to check and respond emails and a few phone calls from Dubai. The mobile phone operators in the US now offer reasonable packages and within the EU the roaming landscape is changing slightly but the charges are still quite high.

Here are some tips on how to easily avoid unreasonable roaming charges.


Option A: Enjoy your phone as much as you want when you are abroad and pay less by:


  1. Calling your phone operator before traveling

Make sure to be aware of the cost per minute to receive calls, to make calls and per MB in data roaming for the countries you are visiting. Ask if there are any special plans like prepaid calls, text and data.


  1. Using Opera as brower

In case you are using data roaming install the Opera browser that saves a lot of data compared to the rest of browsers.


  1. Using data compression apps like Onavo

Onavo works in 90 countries and compresses data download rom social networks for example. It is free.


  1. Trying our Call2W roaming solution

It consists of a special case to put on your phone and an app and allows you to make and receive calls and use data anywhere with a flat rate. You can save up to 80% on your roaming bill! Send us an email to info@call2w to learn how to acquire one.


  1. Using Google Maps offline

One of the burdens when you are traveling is finding places. A solution to save on data has been taking screenshots of the locations on Google Maps but it is still not good enough as you may be further away from the area visible on the screenshot. Well, now you can use Google Maps offline.



Option B: Use your phone less (hey, it can be a phone detox!)


  1. Switch off “Automatic Network” in case your operator has a deal with one specific operator in the country you visit

Otherwise you may automatically be connected to a different network and not take advantage of the special rates agreed between 2 operators.


  1. Remember that receiving sms is free

If you need to be communicated something not as urgent as requiring a phone call but still important ask your family, friends and colleagues to send you an sms.


  1. Switch off data roaming  and use wi-fi

Data is the main cause for astronomical roaming bills so switching it off is a very important lifehack when traveling. In most travel destinations (unless you are going to the jungle) you will be able to find free wifi hotspots. We have started a series on Free Wifi hotspots in major cities across Europe and the USA


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