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Free wifi spots: My top 10 in Barcelona

Upon arriving to Barcelona, you get that feeling that this is what a developed city must look like. All the streets are clean, almost everyone recycles, and the best part of all: there is free wifi in so many bars and restaurants. Indeed, the city of Barcelona provides us with free Internet public spots, but this is only if there is ever need to check an email, message a friend, or anything that doesn’t require much data. Apart from those hotspots I will share this list as my top 10 favorite free wifi Barcelona spots to sit and enjoy:

1. DosTrece

DosTreces’ downstairs floor- Free wifi spots Barcelona

Not only do they have delicious food, but also they have a special menu for vegans out there! If you are walking down las Ramblas, and you don’t know what to eat, you should definitely try it out. They provide you with free wifi while you sit and enjoy your meal in a very cozy environment.

2. Ambar

Ambar  Free wifi spots Barcelona
Ambar- Free wifi spots Barcelona

This is a place to enjoy a nice cup of coffee or a beer. You can grab a book, your laptop, or just hang out with friends. It is one of the fastest free wifi spots I have experienced here in Barcelona. There is plenty of space, and its cozy because the couches and decorations give a mellow and chill atmosphere.

 3. Teresa Carles

Teresa Carles
Teresa Carles- Free wifi spots Barcelona

If you are looking for vegan options, you should try this place out. The menu has a great variety of options and it is all-fresh. So if you are a phase 1 vegetarian, or a long term one, this is a place for you, because you don’t feel like you’re missing out on anything, there is a wide variety of choices and most of the ingredients come from their own farm.

4. Vegetalia

Vegetalia- Free wifi spots Barcelona

I am not vegetarian nor vegan, but I still enjoy this place’s food. The people are very friendly, and the plus side is that it is not only healthy but also very good! You can sit inside with air-conditioning or if you want to feel a bit more Mediterranean they give you the option to sit outside as well. The wifi is fast, and the environment is very hipster like.

 5. Granja Petitbo

Granja Petitbo
Granja Petitbo- Free wifi spots Barcelona

 This bar is the perfect combination of art and a hangout place. Brunch hour is what this place is known for. So  go have a natural juice, pancakes with syrop, eggs how you like them, and enjoy the free wifi they provide you so you can make your Instagram followers jealous!


6. Federal Café

federal cafe
Federal Cafe- Free wifi spots Barcelona

This is the place where you can wake up, have a cup of fresh orange juice for breakfast or coffee and from then use the free wifi they provide for you. It is a very cozy place, but it also gives the sense of  a more business work type of place.

7. La Bicicleta Café

bicicleta cafe
Bicicleta Cafe- Free wifi spots Barcelona

Here basically it is for all those free lancers, people on business or even just people that want to study or have a chill coffee that need wifi to work.  It is a hipster casual type of place and as the name suggests they are all bike lovers, so if you are passing by with your bike to Sagrada Familia just stop by and say hello!

8. Escribà

Escribà- Free wifi spots Barcelona

“We don’t only do cakes but we create illusions” So here is for all the sweet lovers like myself! If you like having a piece of bread, or cake or cupcake you name it and work or just need to check some emails with the free wifi they provide you should go check it out! It is in las Ramblas, not hard to miss at all!

9. Caravelle

Caravelle- Free wifi spots Barcelona

This delicious restaurant does not only give you fresh food but also fresh everything! If you like to eat your tacos while you want to chat with your friends check this place out! So sit, enjoy a bloody mary with some tacos and free wifi!

10. Habaluc

Habaluc- Free wifi spots Barcelona

 You know that typical moment you are doing something important on your computer but everyone is hungry and pressuring you to finish fast so they can go eat? Well this place is delicious and spacious, so both parties can benefit from it. You have your free wifi while everyone else is enjoying your company and the fresh food they serve!

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