Free Wi-Fi in Athens – Top 10

For Greeks coffee is not only a single dose of caffeine. Whether you walk on the street, hang out by the park or even from the top of the Acropolis you will be able to spot all the Greeks hanging out after work on their favorite coffee shop. It is in their culture, thus not only the atmosphere is good but the coffee is even better. So find out where these places are in our guide to free Wi-Fi in Athens.


1. Tailor Made

Tailor made - free Wi-Fi Athens

Quality is their main concern. Their decoration is exquisite. Every grain of coffee is treated with care. Every drop of their coffee is worth it. Apart from all this, every week they bring a new culture to the table, so one week you can be drinking Ethiopian coffee while the next Colombian.

2. Mind the Cup

Mind The Cup free Wi-Fi Athens

Usually tourists wonder where locals go and have their coffee. Wonder no more, go and ask for a “freddo espresso” or their Honduran coffee, debate about greek politics or philosophize like an ancient greek, you will get a hint of what being a Greek feels like.

 3. The Dalliance House

The Dalliance House free Wi-Fi Athens

Situated in the northern suburbs of Athens, this café-bar-restaurant serves as the ideal place to enjoy blended as well as single estate coffees. The enticing neoclassic building along with the unique “mix and match” interior design will captivate you, wishing you’d never have to leave.

4.    Harvest

Harvest free Wi-Fi Athens

Are you hungry? Thirsty? Tired? Well here you can eat chicken souvlaki, drink some regional wine, and have some coffee after you’re done. Sit and enjoy the music they play, they managed to create a unique and distinct place in town.

5.    Osterman

Osterman free Wi-Fi Athens

In one of the older buildings of Athens’ center, converted from an old, well-known fabric shop, you will find an all-day bar with a warm atmosphere reminiscent of a European metropolis. Here you can enjoy a cup of coffee as well as delicacies of a classic European bistro.

6. TAF coffee

Taff coffe free Wi-Fi Athens

Best espresso blends by far! Reasonable prices and the best service in town; the staff is friendly and always very attentive to your needs. This is what in Greece we call “ποιοτητα” [pee- o – tee- ta] which means quality.

7.  Yellow

Yellow free Wi-Fi Athens

The food is exquisite, the ambiance is brilliant, and the service is magnificent. This place pays attention to detail, so every meal they cook is made to perfection. Their coffee is one of the menu’s favourites, the aroma can be identified even before coming in to the restaurant.

8.  Pure Bliss

Pure Bliss free Wi-Fi Athens

A sweet promise of vibrant colours, chill music, and wonderful aromas situated in a fairytale-like, three story building in the center of Athens. It is an ideal spot to relax after long day, drink a cup of coffee and enjoy wonderful delicacies with many vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free menu options.

9. Qahwa

Qahwa free Wi-Fi Athens

Hoping to satisfy the desires and needs of even the most demanding coffee lovers, this café offers high quality blends from Sumatra, Brazil, Ethiopia and more. The wonderful aroma of the freshly roasted coffee will make you certain that Rome has lost its lead in the making of espresso.

10. 360 degrees

360 degrees free Wi-fi Athens

There’s nothing like the experience of enjoying a cup of coffee with the view of the ancient word’s most important monument. This is what you will experience in 360 degrees.  In the heart of Athens, 360 provides an amicable environment, a chilling view  from the roof garden and a choice of coffee, salads, hors d’oeuvre , as well as 360’s original cocktails.


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